15 year anniversary of a baby killed at the hands of a TRF resident Curtis A. Korb

On his 21st brithday Curtis A. Korb, had a hand in the killing of 15 month old, Mia Powassin

This poor little girl was raped and tortured then thrown out of a 2 story window! One of them is still in prison while the other (who was an adult at the time) is able to walk the streets and Curtis A. Korb has a job at Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls, MN.

Mia Powassin, 15 months Warroad July 4 2002
Authorities were called to the house where Mia Powassin, 15 months, lived after being told that the baby was in distress. Mia’s mother was at work at the time and a babysitter was caring for Mia.

The child was rushed to Roseau Are Hospital, where she later died of head trauma. The Ramsey County medical examiner’s office ruled Mia’s death a homicide. Three people have been charged in the case. Justin Dean Jones, 14, was charged with one count of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder and was certified to stand trial as an adult.

Curtis A. Korb, 21, DOB 7-4-81 was also charged with one count of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder. Lisa D. Niece, 20, was charged with aiding
an offender for lying to authorities about events that occurred the night Mia died. All three suspects are being held in the Roseau County Jail in lieu of bail. Jones was sentenced to 25 years in prison, Korb was sentenced to 13 years and Niece was never convicted.

People are walking the streets after pleas and no sex offender charges if u plead guilty to murder. I don’t understand how these people don’t have to register!!!!

“J.J. was interviewed five times. She provided much conflicting information; she ultimately explained the conflicts as her efforts to shield one suspect, her brother, appellant J.D.J., then age 14. In her final account, J.J. said that she, appellant, a man named Curtis Korb, and M.P. were downstairs in the children’s residence; that Korb suggested having sex with M.P. and appellant agreed, that that Korb and appellant took M.P. upstairs, that J.J. heard M.P. screaming and crying for about ten minutes, that Korb and appellant came downstairs and told J.J. to go outside and get M.P., that she asked them how M.P. had gotten outside from the second floor, but they didn’t answer; that they told J.J. to say M.P. had fallen off the bed; that they then left for a friend’s residence nearby; that J.J. got M.P., took her back upstairs, and cleaned the grass off her; and that M.P.’s brother, who had been upstairs, said something about the window and pointed at the window and at M.P. Several people who had been at the friend’s nearby residence were also interviewed; they said that appellant admitted killing M.P. that night.”


A Letter from the mother of Mia:

On the night of July 4th, over 13 years ago, my life changed tremendously. I learned how cold and cruel the world can be and how evil and sick some people are on this earth. I had a beautiful angel that was taken away from me in the most disgustingly and most painful way a child could ever be taken. It changed my outlook on life and almost destroyed me and my children. I don’t trust anyone with my children. It’s been a journey I would never wish on anyone.

I worked the graveyard shift at the casino and depended on babysitters 3 times a week for four hours. That night I had to work 12 am to 8 am and left for work shortly after 11 pm. I clocked in early at work because it being Independence day, the casino was busy. I don’t know how long I was at work but my name was being announced that I had an emergency call. I didn’t think much of it but I went into surveillance to retrieve the call. I can’t even remember who called but I was told my baby fell from the bed and was unconscious.

I remember coming out of the office and I was being rushed out the door by a friend. All of a sudden I was in a car and heading to my apartment. I remember running up the stairs and into my boys room and Mia was laying on the bed and paramedics were working on my baby girl. I don’t think I cried because everything was so surreal. We were told she was being taken to Roseau county hospital so I was being rushed into a vehicle and we were flying to the hospital. I was called into a small room, and a doctor came in to tell me my baby girl was gone.

It felt like the room was spinning and I couldn’t breathe. I remember screaming and crying. I think I was told to keep it down but I am unsure. All I wanted was my son. I told everyone I wanted my son with me. I remember trying to call my family to tell them the news but I don’t even know if I made sense. I asked the doctor to let me see my abby girl and I remember I was denied.

I begged doctors and every nurse that passed me when finally one doctor told me of course you can see your daughter. I remember walking down this hall and we walked into this room, and he opened the curtain and my baby was laying on a bed. She was so blue and so swollen (that memory will stay with me forever). I held her and I wrapped her up in a blanket and rocked her. I hummed a tune for her like I always did when I put her to sleep. I didn’t ever want to let her go but the doctor came in and said I had to go. I was told by many this was an accident that she fell from the bed.

I believed them because who would hurt a baby? I kept telling myself that I could pick her up tomorrow and that she needed to stay at the hospital tonight. That’s how I was able to leave there. I don’t remember getting back to my apartment or going to sleep but I remember waking up and thinking it was all a horrible dream but I woke up to my family being there and they were all hugging me and crying. My world came crashing down on me again.

I knew I was going to go home with my family but before I left I went to go see the babysitter at her place. I wanted to ease her mind because I thought it was an accident and I didn’t want people to feel guilty. Then I went to the apartment where Lisa Niece and Curtis Korb were staying and told them I didn’t blame them and it was an accident. And thanked them for driving me to the hospital.

I was called in for questioning a few days later and had to travel back to Warroad Police station and that’s where I got the news that it was suspected foul play. I was devastated. I couldn’t put my mind around someone wanting to hurt a defenseless baby. I was told she was sexually molested and died with blunt trauma to the head. I was also told not to tell anyone, not even my family. I returned back to Canada to prepare a funeral for my baby girl.

I did not tell a sole of what I learned. I buried my baby girl, only me knowing that someone killed her. I told myself if this is going to help the case then I will die with this secret. I was called in for more questioning and to give statements of that night. Repeatedly I had to share my story over and over. Even though I had no idea what had happened in my apartment that night.

One day after a day of questioning I returned to back to my family. I got back and everyone was crying. A call was made from victim services and it was slipped that it was foul play. My family was devastated. They were angry with me for not sharing that info. I had to tell them I did what I thought was best for the case of my daughter. I will do anything to help this case.

Going through court was like reopening the wound and rubbing salt in the wound. I later then started hearing what happened in those couple hours being away from my home. Entrusting someone to watch my precious children and to let people in my house to do that. My son that was present that night has no recollection of what happened and I am thankful for it. They wanted him to take the stand but I was against that and refused. I would not give any consent for them to question him.

To this day he will not sleep in a room with a closed door. He does not like the dark. My oldest son lived with guilt for years, He said if he was home that wouldn’t have ever happened. For me I am glad he wasn’t home because I know my son would of tried to stop them and I know for a fact on how sick these people were, they probably would of hurt him. But according to the statements that were provided to me, it was Justin Jones and Curtis Korb that took my daughter into the room. They showed no remorse in court. They had the opportunity to speak and they didn’t. They took the plea bargin that was offered and in my mind that means they are guilty because they knew they didn’t stand a chance in trial.

I know if I was accused of something which I did not do, I would fight to the bloody end and claim I was innocent.

My family has been harassed and bullied by a family that’s connected to this case for years and years. To this day they still call us liars and we are disgusting. They said we lied about the case to get them arrested. I want it known that it was not my statements that put these people in jail, it was the babysitter that told the story against the accused. It was her statements that put the people behind bars.

To this day I still don’t know what happened in the last couple hours of her life and I don’t know if I want to know. I layed my baby to rest and she’s in place where no-one can hurt her. I want people to remember her, and I want people to know who did this to her so they can’t hurt anyone else.

To this day I still cry for her………
Vanessa Powassin