Pennington County Citation Disposition Bulletin 6-8-2017

Pennington County Sheriff’s Office case

Sammy Ray Hunt Jr., 28, Thief River Falls, statutory stay of adjudication for a felony charge of third degree controlled substance crime and continued, $325, 90 days in jail, work release privileges, may do community work service for $250, supervised probation for five years, alcohol assessment, take medications in their prescribed dosage and frequency, provide a list of prescribed medications to his probation officer, notify his doctor of these proceedings.

The stay of adjudication is not a conviction. While your probation is going on, it is a pending case, the same as being charged and awaiting trial. Once the probation is over, the case will be dismissed. You will never have been convicted, which is the benefit of this disposition.

Thief River Falls Police Department cases

Sharyl Peters BlackLance, 72, Warren, stay of adjudication for a felony charge of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult and continued, $100, probation to the court for one year, no contact with victim, $933 in restitution.

Thomas T-boy Momo, 32, Thief River Falls, driving after suspension, $210, 10 days in jail stayed for one year, unsupervised probation for one year, failure to notify owner of damaged property, $50, 10 days in jail stayed for one year, that sentence is to be served concurrently with count 1, unsupervised probation for one year, charge of possession of a small amount of marijuana in a motor vehicle dismissed

Shane Thomas Clark, 34, Thief River Falls, stay of adjudication for fifth degree assault and continued, $75, probation to the court for two years, $200 in restitution.

Minnesota State Patrol cases

Joseph Robert Kilen, 32, Williston, N.D., no Minnesota driver’s license (after 60 days residency/30 days CDL), $185

Sian LaMae Minske, 26, Thief River Falls, no seat belt worn, $110

Christen Marie Pirtle, 27, Karlstad, no proof of insurance, $285

Tawnya Rene Vandeventer, 25, Viking, no seat belt worn, $110

James Daniel Veselka, 29, Warren, 65/55, $125.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources case

Marc Gorman Beito, 30, Thief River Falls, snowmobiles – failure to give notice of transfer/ownership/abandonment or destruction, $110.

Mark Gorman Beito – Registered Predatory Offender