Michael Roy Nelson gets another domestic assault

Domestic assault

On June 4 at 1:59 p.m., the sheriff’s office received a report of a domestic assault in the 11000 block of Center St. E. Michael Roy Nelson, 46, St. Hilaire, has charges pending for domestic assault. Nelson allegedly grabbed a Thief River Falls woman by her wrists, leaving marks. He was arrested for violating the conditions of his release for two assault charges in October that led to a standoff.

Sentence from
He plead guilty, but a Thief River Falls man says he’s not to blame for two domestic incidents, including a very public down town police stand-off.

Michael Roy Nelson, 46, yesterday plead guilty to an amended complaint in the case of unrelated domestic assaults in April and October of 2016. According to the plea agreement, the Pennington County Attorney’s Office will drop charges of second degree arson and assault by strangulation in return for a plea of guilty to three misdemeanor assault charges and a single felony count of making terrorist threats. The agreement includes a potential stay of adjudication, meaning charges would be expunged from Nelson’s record with the successful completion of conditions of probation.

Nelson had been accused of assault and attempting to set farm implements, a motorcycle and even his son on fire during a family alternation at a rural Pennington County home in 2016. But in court yesterday, Nelson blamed both his son and father for the incident saying he lost his temper when his father purchased a motorcycle for his son against his wishes. Nelson described attempted arson incidents as he brandished matches and accelerants as threats only, with no intention of following through, denying witness and law enforcement accounts that he set fire to the sweatshirt his son was wearing using spray from a can of ether and a lit match.

The second incident Nelson characterized as a relational break-up out of control that erupted into a physical altercation with two women at a down town apartment last October. Law enforcement accounts say one of the women was choked twice during the altercation, but Nelson told the court yesterday all three came away bruised and beat up, including a black eye that Nelson suffered in the exchange. After the incident Nelson returned to his apartment but then refused law enforcement contact. That resulted in a SWAT Team response, with Nelson eluding officers until he was found hiding in a bathroom at a down town office the next morning.

District Judge Kurt Marben accepted the guilty plea in both cases and ordered a pre-sentence investigation, with sentencing scheduled June 26th.

The stay of adjudication is not a conviction. While your probation is going on, it is a pending case, the same as being charged and awaiting trial. Once the probation is over, the case will be dismissed. You will never have been convicted, which is the benefit of this disposition.