Karlstad man sentenced for aiding an offender

A Karlstad man was sentenced Tuesday, July 18 in Pennington County District Court for felony aiding an offender to avoid arrest – harbor/conceal and gross misdemeanor fifth degree controlled substance crime.

Brett Evan Anderson, 35, was granted a three-year stay of imposition for the felony charge. As a condition of that sentence, he was ordered to serve supervised probation for three years. Anderson was ordered to maintain employment. He was ordered to not trespass at Walmart. Anderson was ordered to not use or possess firearms, ammunition or explosives. He was ordered to complete all programming as recommended by probation, including any cognitive behavioral programming. Anderson was ordered to supply a DNA sample. He was also ordered to pay $260 in fees and fines.

For the drug charge, Anderson was granted a statutory stay of adjudication and the charge was continued. As a condition, he was ordered to serve supervised probation for three years. Anderson was also ordered to pay $100 in fees and fines. His conditions are concurrent with count 1.

The charges stemmed from a report to police April 2 at about 12:11 a.m., according to the complaint. Walmart employees allegedly saw three people removing price tags and cutting open packages. The people were identified as Anderson, Tanya Lynn Aery and Christian Leigh Hagen. At one point, Anderson showed them how to remove the security tags. Police remained outside the store in the event the three of them left the building. About two and a half hours later, employees told police that Aery and Hagen were leaving the store without paying for merchandise. They were soon joined by Anderson, who paid for a few items.

Police confiscated 256 stolen items totaling $1,250.78. They also found a backpack containing a glass pipe with suspected methamphetamine residue, a prescription pill bottle with Anderson’s name on it and an insurance card for his vehicle. In the center console of the vehicle, police found a green pill bottle with marijuana paraphernalia. Two realistic-looking toy pistols were found under the front seat of the car. Aery allegedly possessed a hypodermic needle containing suspected meth. Police also found a plastic container with her name on it. Inside, they found a small gram-type bag with suspected meth residue on it.

The stay of adjudication is not a conviction. While your probation is going on, it is a pending case, the same as being charged and awaiting trial. Once the probation is over, the case will be dismissed. You will never have been convicted, which is the benefit of this disposition.